Welcom to Beauty Therapy Courses

Beauty therapy simply means learning the art of applying various treatments to particular body parts like the skin, hair, face and nails. People tend to think that anybody can do treatments related to the face, body or skin, but that’s not true, as in any profession you must know the accurate art to do things rightly. To learn the right way to do anything related to beauty correctly, you need to master the skills to do it, whether it is for your own self or even for others. You can acquire these skills from us by doing any one of our courses or all our courses if you want to start your own salon or want to be a beauty trainer.

What we can offer?

We are a reputed beauty therapy course provider. The purpose of doing a beauty therapy course in your case may vary like 1) it may be to earn a living 2) in some cases maybe you like to do everything by yourself, you take pride in the fact that you know to beautify yourself and enjoy doing it for your friends and relatives too or 3) maybe out of passion.
Basically we offer the following in our online beauty course, which includes 6 subjects
1) Facial and Body Waxing
2) Facials
3) Manicure and Pedicure
4) Relaxation Massage
5) Nail Technology
6) Lash & Brow Tinting & Lash Perming

What needs to be considered before choosing which course to take?

Which course you want to do entirely depends on you, as if you already have some skills, you needn’t do it all, so it’s entirely upto you. It also depends on how much time you got at your disposal and the type of career you want to take up after doing the course or courses in question. In some cases you may be already working, but want to only enhance your skills, while in other cases you are just a beginner and want to acquire as many skills as possible, so as to gain maximum remuneration.

What qualifications to do need to enroll for this course?

Here are a few things which you don’t need to take this course and which will surprise you to a great extent:
1) No Prior Knowledge-No prior knowledge of beauty is required to do this course. Anybody can do this course at their own leisure and convenience, so aren’t you happy with what is been offered on the palette? But there’s more to come.
2) No Age Limit- There is no age barrier to do this course. At any age one can do this course, hence this is the second advantage.
3) No Minimum Qualification is required-There is no minimum qualification required to do this course, so you are free to do this course at any time in your life, whenever you feel like. Isn’t that a big advantage? Which other course offers you this kind of flexibility?
4) No Experience-No experience at all is required for doing this kind of course, as this course is free to be done by anyone.

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