Beauty Therapy Courses Perth

Beauty therapy courses Perth is one way of attaining total independence and freedom. If you are thinking of a way to become independent and stand on your feet, you should definitely do this course, as this grants you a leeway and a sense of pride and satisfaction. You can run a thriving business from the convenience of your own home by doing this course.

What are the subjects covered in Beauty Therapy Courses Perth?

There are 6 subjects covered in Beauty Therapy Courses Perth. You are free to choose 1 or all 6. If you’ve already done some of these, then you can only do what you haven’t done. If you haven’t done a beauty course at all in the past, doing all would be a good idea, but even that is upto you.
The 6 subjects covered in this course are:
• Face and Body Waxing
• Facials
• Manicure and Pedicure
• Relaxation Massage
• Nail Technology
• Lash Tinting and Perming
Like for example: if you do only the course in Nail Technology, then you’ll become an expert in gel, quick dip and acrylic nails.

The time period to do the course also can vary

You can complete the course in six months’ time or even two years’ time, it’s upto you, hence there is no time restriction that you need to study and complete the beauty therapy courses Perth in the stipulated time period. Studying in your spare time and doing the course is also possible in our case. If you are already working and want to only enhance your skills, you can still do our course as we offer flexibility of time-period in our course.

How to contact us?

I am the one who has constituted this course and I’m available for your aid 7 days a week. I’ll provide you with complete assistance and you can contact me through the Contact tab on the website. I have 33 years’ experience in this industry and that of running a beauty school as well as 3 salons that one day this idea of starting an online course struck me. I felt that this can assist women, who are hands-on-moms and who don’t want to leave their babies to go out and work. These women will get an opportunity to work from the comfort of their homes and can acquire the necessary skills to become a beautician, without putting in many hours of study as beauty therapy courses Perth allows flexibility of time-period in completing the course.

The registration process is easy!

Registration is very easy with beauty therapy courses Perth, as you just need to go to the register button and press it. As soon as you complete the sign-up, you’ll get a member login, all videos and technical manuals will be dispatched to you immediately and you can take innumerable number of quizzes. You get access to all these materials on our online student portal too. The DVDs will also be dispatched instantly after your sign-up. All lessons are done online as well as the exams. Feedback on your practical work will also be given.